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Dr. Carlos Martell Photo.jpeg

Dr. Carlos Martell

Aztlan and Chicano Park: history, geography, and cultural resistance

This presentation will offer students a brief introduction to the importance of the concept of Aztlan in the formation of Chicano/a cultural identity, the Chicano Power Movement of the 60's-70's, and its relevance to the takeover of Chicano Park in 1970 in San Diego, California. We will understand the historical, geographical, and archeological references embedded in the concept and we will understand how it is used in cultural resistance and political struggle.

Dr. Danna Abraham Photo.jpeg

Dr. Danna Abraham

I am brave enough…

to claim my space

Throughout history, society has made great efforts to marginalize personal knowledge and experiences, particularly when it comes to silencing women and denying them the opportunity to claim their rightful space in the world. These attempts to quiet the voices of women have contributed to perpetuating gender inequality and asymmetrical relationships. In this workshop, we will center explorations about how claiming space in the world is a political act and how we have the power to amplify voices that so often are marginalized.

Regina Ballard Photo.JPG

Regina Ballard

How Did Biblical Stories Become Racist?

The Bible has been misused and misinterpreted to support racist ideology. This presentation will give examples from the Bible that have been used to justify slavery and white supremacy for much of North American history. With an understanding of how these stories, whether one is religious or not, have contributed to our ideas of white supremacy, this presentation will teach students how to find sources that actively fight against this biased way of reading the Bible. Participants will leave this session with the tools to help them engage in difficult conversations about race, racism, and religion.

Tim Rosenwong Photo (1).heic

Dr. Tim Rosenwong

Asian Visibility Through a History of Asian American Pop Culture

Historically, western pop culture has represented Asians as the villain, the sidekick, comic fodder, or the temptress. However, in recent years, Asians have been gaining affirming visibility due to films like Everything Everywhere All at Once, shows like American Born Chinese, actors like Sandra Oh, athletes like Shohei Ohtani, and musical artists like BTS. This workshop will examine the importance of pop culture visibility to AAPI identity by using a pop-history of Asian America.

Yvania Rubio Photo.jpeg

Yvania Rubio

Youth Empowerment: Power & Politics

This workshop explores the dynamic intersection of youth empowerment, power, and politics, shedding light on the pivotal role that young individuals play in shaping the future. Looking into the challenges and opportunities that accompany navigating the political landscape, we will discuss how empowering youth can lead to positive societal change. This workshop is led by an undergraduate student who has been involved with various Youth Empowerment Organizations and is currently serving as a Commissioner on Police Practices for the City of San Diego.

Genelle Brooks-Petty Photo.PNG

Genelle Brooks-Petty

Pivots & Purpose

A discussion with entrepreneur and professor, Genelle Brooks-Petty offering inspiration and empowerment through her account of professional discovery and personal fulfillment. Learn why it is okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up and how to use the time to chart your own course.

Desiree Aspiras Photo.jpg

Desiree Aspiras

Using our creativity for social change

Art has a long history as a tool for raising awareness about social issues and inspiring others to action. During this workshop, participants will learn about how others have used their creativity to raise awareness, activate their communities, and express what they care about most. Participants will also engage in an activity to explore how they might use their creativity this year for social change.

Daniel Wolf Photo.jpeg

Daniel Wolf

"Wouldn't it be cool if...?! How to be audacious and courageous!"

I'm re-starting a landmine clearing technology company that will help break the stalemate in Ukraine and clear millions of landmines that are endangering farmers and crippling the economy -- and why not?? And I'm writing a proposal for the Saudi ambassador to the US that shows how, by re-visualizing a Palestinian state, they can bring peace to the Levant -- and why not??!!

Big problems need big, imaginative leaps into possibility, then vetting and transformation into concrete actions. This is something that anyone can do, and we'll talk about how.

Mademoiselle S. Photo.jpg

Mademoiselle S.

Smashing the Whorearchy

We live in a society where we are inundated with messages about female sexuality from an early age. We are taught to idolize public figures who flaunt their sexuality, and yet we are taught to see our own through a lense of shame. Why the dichotomy between who we idolize, and how we are taught to be a good and therefore respectable girl? This workshop is about girls and women, but it is open to all.

People Over Prisons Photo.PNG

People Over Prisons Student Group

Picturing the Prison Industrial Complex

Students will be introduced to the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) through two activities. The first begins with a PIC brainstorm, where they will write down what they associate with the words prison, industrial, and complex. They will then discuss connections between their ideas and explain their thinking. Following the brainstorm, the second activity will further delve into the complexities of the PIC by discussing the different layers that make it up. Students will explore the questions of who benefits from the PIC, what systems of power propel it, the goals of the PIC, and the results from the usage of the PIC. In front of them will be a diagram of those questions, with each question building on the other. They will also have a word bank with answers to those questions, and they will try to match the answers to the appropriate questions. Students will end with explanations for why they put which answer where.

Nathaniel West.png

Nathaniel West

Redlining in San Diego

This workshop will explore the harmful legacies of redlining, racial housing covenants, and other discriminatory 20th century housing policies. We will pay particularly close attention to our own city as we discuss the ways in which these policies led to inequities in wealth, education, health, and crime and policing. This workshop will combine lecture, discussion, and independent research to hopefully get participants to see San Diego in a whole new light.

Gill Sotu Photo.JPG

Gill Sotu

BUILDING BRIDGES: Community, connection, and finding your voice through Spoken Word and Poetry.

In this workshop, participants will obtain tools in learning how to craft and edit a poem as well as practical tips on how to approach nervousness in performing and how to connect to diverse groups of people.

Sheffah Chevis Photo (1).JPG

Sheffah Chevis and Karla Garcia

Trauma-Informed Care Training

Our mission is to elevate healing while preventing further re-traumatization of all people through the systemic implementation of the Trauma-Informed Care Code of Conduct (TICCC), especially for those closest to the pain – our service providers. Our goal is to train organizations and individuals who work with traumatized populations to utilize the Trauma-Informed Care Code of Conduct during all interactions with this vulnerable population. Our approach is to address these populations through a justice-informed lens by using trainers with lived experience in gangs, incarceration, emotional, physical and substance abuse.

Karla Garcia Photo (1).png
Dr. Rai Wilson Photo.jpg

Dr. Rai Wilson

Man Up: Towards a Positive Masculinity

This workshop will examine the relatively recent roots of what is misunderstood as "traditional masculinity." We will talk about the causes, nature, and consequences of this but also, crucially, probe how we can construct and entrench a richer, healthier definition. This workshop uses large and small group discussion, video, and self-reflection in order to delve into these important issues.

Jared D’Onofrio Photo.jpg

Jared D'Onofrio

Class Matters

“Just (use your iPhone to) take an Über to the party. And don’t forget to dress up!”
“Let’s start a rotation for bringing bagels for the class every Monday.”
“Where did your family go over vacation?”
“Where did your parents go to college?”

Innocent remarks like
these are just one kind of example of the ways class can sneak into school life.

But what does the term class mean? Is it economic? social? something else? Does class mean the same thing in the United States as in other countries? in Southern California as in other regions? in one San Diego community as in another? How much do you have to know about me to identify my class status?

We will look at some basic underlying concepts of class and socio-economic status, sift through a small bit of data about what terms like working class, middle class, etc. mean, then discuss whether, how, and why class matters at school and beyond.

People Over Prisons Photo.PNG

People Over Prisons Student Group

Coins, Cops, and Communities

This workshop explores how cities budget for services, with a special focus on what they budget for policing. It begins with participants reflecting on and brainstorming about what they believe an ideal community looks like in terms of what resources, services, structures, etc. that are necessary for their communities. Students will then be divided into small groups and given bags of 100 pennies, each penny representing 1% of a city budget. They then get to divide their budget amongst different categories of services of their choosing, using their previous brainstorm to formulate their decisions. After, students will do a gallery walk of the budgets from all groups and then debrief their process and findings from others. Finally, they will examine and discuss Chicago’s operating budget, comparing what they budget for policing and what they budget for other services and consider the differences between this budget and their own. The goal will be to help participants think creatively about community safety, resources, and services necessary for its people to thrive.

Danielle Wilkerson Photo.jpg

Danielle Wilkerson

Brave Enough to Advocate: How to Show Up for Your Cause

New tragedies and injustices bombard us daily, and it can seem intimidating to step out and take action. I personally know the rage and frustration that can be felt when there is so much harm happening and one person's actions seem like just a drop in the ocean. I am here to tell you that is not the case, and you are capable of affecting change on a local, national, and global scale.

This workshop focuses on steps you can take to support any cause that ignites a fire in you. Whether you are just getting started on your activist journey, or you have led a protest, we will cover a variety of effective methods to raise awareness and make a difference.

Tiffany Thompson Photo (1).jpg

Tiffany Thompson

Harmony Within: A journey of Self-discovery through expressive sound healing

Join me for a transformative workshop where the power of sound healing and expressive therapies converge to create a harmonious journey of self-discovery and alignment. Immerse yourself in the transformative world of sound therapy, exploring its profound effects on your well-being. Through a blend of experiential sessions and expressive therapy modalities, discover new avenues for self-expression and healing. This workshop provides a unique space to align your mind, body, and spirit, fostering a sense of balance and tranquility. Elevate your consciousness, embrace the therapeutic qualities of sound, and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the profound connection between sound and healing in a nurturing and creative environment. Join us on this path of self-discovery and renewal.

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