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What is an Affinity Space?

The affinity space component of RSDS is crucial to fostering community, encouraging trust, and engaging a critical mass of students with shared experiences tied to their identities. Affinity spaces will be dedicated to the discussion of these shared identities on our high school campuses and in our communities.

Black / African American: Room H201

East Asian: Room H202

Jewish: Room H203

Latinx/Latine: Room H204

LGBTQIA+: Room H206

Multi-Racial: Room H219

Pacific Islander: Room H220

Southeast Asian: Room H221

SWANA, Greater Middle East: Room H221

White (European): Room H222

Affinity Space Locations
High School (H)

Each affinity space will be led by a teacher or alum moderator. Students will be able to specify which affinity space they identify as in the sign-up form.

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