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Getting to Know American Muslims

Many stereotypes and misconceptions exist about Islam and Muslims. Yet, have we taken the time to get to know a Muslim, learn what they believe & practice, and challenge those misconceptions? This workshop is your opportunity to engage with an American Muslim, learn about their experiences growing up in America, ask questions & reflect on actions we can take toward promoting inclusion and understanding.


Tehseen Lazzouni

Tehseen Lazzouni is the Director of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of San Diego (ISB), an educational resource organization that educates the San Diego community about Islam and Muslims. Tehseen founded the ISB in September 2000, one year before the tragic events of 9/11. Throughout her experience she has found there are so many misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. Tehseen and the speakers of the ISB have spoken to thousands of San Diegans to help dispel many myths about Islam. People learn that Muslims are American too and that the values our nation is based on, including freedom of religion, justice, and equality for all, are the very values found in Islam.

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