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I'm Not Sorry! - Ending our Unhealthy Relationship With I'm Sorry"

We often say some variation of “sorry” for trivial and unnecessary reasons. This can undermine our efficacy as leaders, advocates, and activists. The overuse and misuse of “sorry” can also result in minimizing others’ confidence in our ideas and abilities. Often, those in positions of privilege are less likely to apologize, even when it is appropriate. In this session, we will explore the appropriate use of the words and how to evaluate when to truly apologize. It is not about changing who you are, rather it is about being intentional in how we show up.


Ayannah Johnson is a first-generation graduate from Union, N.J. She is the conference coordinator for the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth empowerment conference. Ayannah graduated with a degree in Communications from Kean University in Union, NJ. Ayannah also received her Master’s in Educational Leadership from Saint Peter's University. Her areas of expertise include diversity education, LGBTQI+ related issues, peer leadership, mediation training, and higher education retention program. Ayannah is the Director of the NSLDC Pride Conference and Director of the United Collegiate Women’s Conference. She is pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Saint Peter's University. As a current Academic Advisor and Professor at New Jersey City University, she is adamant about meeting students where they are and helping them begin their journey forward. Additionally, Ayannah is a huge fan of Beyonce and her grandmother’s macaroni and cheese!

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