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So, What Now?!

The purpose of this workshop is to guide students and attendees through one process of many. Social justice work as outlined by Teaching Tolerance and other social justice networks involves multiple steps to reduce the negative impact of systemic oppression on individuals and communities. With the teachings of the Blackfoot Nationʼs perspective, attendees will learn and discuss self-actualization, community actualization and cultural perpetuity to uplift and affirm those who are marginalized.


After graduating from Howard University and since becoming a high school counselor, Alicia Oglesby has pursued continued education at Chestnut Hill College, the University of Pennsylvania and Virginia Tech. In her role as a high school counselor in the DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area, Aliciaʼs counseling philosophy is created with the intention of cultivating cultural fluency, self-awareness and social justice action. She finds new and innovative ways to help create the kind of school culture where all studentsʼ identities are affirmed and learning can take place in the most supportive atmosphere possible. Additionally, traveling throughout the country to promote social justice makes her a very busy educator. Along with the Vice Principal of Academics, Alicia initiates courageous conversations about race, identity, and class at Bishop McNamara High School. As co-author of ʻInterrupting Racism: Equity and Social Justice in School Counselingʼ and one of two school counselors on the advisory board for Teaching Tolerance, Alicia plans to spend the rest of her career and life making schools what they ought to be for all children.

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