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The Divine Nine: Understanding the Significance of BGLOs and SFL Involvement

Conversations surrounding sororities and fraternities frequently highlight many of the negative elements of Greek life and culture. However, sororities and fraternities can serve as community-building entities, hubs of social activism, and powerful retention tools. The Divine Nine: Understanding the Significance of BGLOs will highlight the values and significant historic contributions of Black Greek Letter Organizations and discuss the benefits of involvement for prospective students. 


Ashley Cooper

Ashley Cooper is an outreach coordinator with several years of experience cultivating and scaling educational programs. Upon receiving her B.A. in Sociology and Public Health from The Ohio State University, she returned to her hometown of Dayton, OH and became involved in local efforts to re-establish community equity. Her passion for social justice and program development led her to Pepperdine University where she earned her M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship and Change. In her role at CARE, she is responsible for developing relationships with campus partners, facilitating education and prevention training for graduate students, and implementing special projects. Ashley spends her leisure time enjoying the beach, outdoor shopping, and spending time with her daughter.

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