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Asian Americans: Identity, Model Minority Myth, and Representation

People with Asian heritage occupy an interesting space in our society. They are labeled as the “model minority” and are unfairly generalized and stereotyped, which means that their actual experiences are rendered invisible or invalid. This status also pits them against other marginalized groups to prevent solidarity. In this session, we will explore the complex and authentic aspects of what it means to be Asian American and how the model minority myth and representation play a role in this identity.


Dr. Drew Ishii is chair of the mathematics department at Sage Hill School and a SoCal POCIS board member. He co-chaired the NAIS People of Color Conference in Anaheim and has facilitated the Asian American affinity group as well.  As a mathematics educator and diversity practitioner, he has facilitated workshops and been a speaker at independent schools, national and international conferences.

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